Writing Consultant

Writing Consultant Services

Ruth Heflin, a Choeofpleirn Press editor, has worked as a Writing Consultant for colleges and private businesses, helping them to improve writing assignments for college classes and improving how employees communicate within a company. She also taught college level English classes for 34 years.

If you would like for Ruth to evaluate your writing, you can select from the choices below to pay the per item fee, then email your document to her through our email address, ChoeofpleirnPress@gmail.com.

Once your payment has cleared, Ruth will read your document, write up an evaluation of the effectiveness of your writing, including suggestions for improving the document, and return the comments to you via the email address you used to send to us your document.

Please include your name and explain the purpose for the document, so Ruth can provide you with specific, personalized feedback. Also helpful would be for you to identify one to three issues you feel you are having with the piece you want Ruth to evaluate.

If we are not in the middle of putting a journal together for publication, Ruth usually can read and respond to such queries within a week.