Unlike most literary presses, we are not funded by a university or nonprofit organization. We are a small, private press run out of northeastern Kansas.

Currently, we fund Choeofpleirn Press entirely out of our own pockets, from subscriptions, and through the funds we receive from the Creative Contests, which means we often have to make choices about what we can afford to do in the best interests of the press.

We could require submission fees, but we feel such fees are unfair to new writers and to writers who, like us, often struggle to make financial ends meet.

Instead, we accept donations to help fund our current goals of publishing quality literary journals and to save up for our future goals of publishing quality novels and books of poetry.

If you would like to support the press, you may make donations below. If you donate $100 or more, we will list your name on the opening credits of our next journal.

We appreciate your supporting Choeofpleirn Press!