Choeofpleirn Press accepts photographs and illustrations of art for all our literary journals. The added value art brings to our magazines is incalculable, and we seek to encourage photographers and artists who might not have sought publication for their works before to submit to us.

For works of art, we are looking for clear images in your photographs or drawings (which could be of an artwork you created in another medium) that evoke a clear response; titles for the artwork help viewers understand the art (even if the artist does not understand her/his own art). Future writers should have no problem writing 1000 words about your photos or drawings. We ask that you limit your submissions to three images saved as either jpg or png files and provide an explanation of the work in your submission email, so we can easily identify what we are looking at and how you approached the work. We will even happily add that information to the published image, if you so choose.

Save each image file with your Surname and a portion of the work's title. Send us your images as an attachment in doc, docx, rtf, or pdf at Include a cover letter containing a 100-word third person biography (i.e. Jane Doe sculpts...) with your submission.

To enter the annual Mary Cassat Art Contest, submitters must pay the $15 contest fee below. Only the top winner of each general creative category receives the $100 prize. Use the Paypal payment box below (you can use your credit card, if you prefer by using the black debit/credit button) to submit your payments for the creative contest you would like to enter. Select which creative contest in which you would like to enter your manuscript.

We will copyright each journal, but creators of each piece we choose to publish will receive a free pdf file of that published journal. We ask that every winner of each contest allow us publication rights to the winning work for both the original journal it appears in and for the Choeofpleirn Best of issue, published in December of each year.

We will also work with Amazon to create print-on-demand versions of each journal that each creator can purchase to give to friends and family. The Amazon edition is full color to better highlight the artwork.

We prefer that you do not send us works that are being considered for publication elsewhere, but, should your work be published somewhere else first, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can withdraw your work from our publication process.

Thank you for seeking a home for your creative work with Choeofpleirn Press!

If you would like to further assist our publication efforts, but would rather do so anonymously, please donate what you can.