While Choeofpleirn Press dedicates three of its annual literary journals to short fiction, nonfiction, and drama, we accept poetry for all of the journals.

If you want your poetry published with short fiction, the deadline is the last Sunday of February every year to allow your work to be published in the Coneflower Cafe.

If you want your poetry published with nonfiction, both creative and scholarly, the deadline is the last Sunday of May to appear in the Glacial Hills Review.

If you want your poetry published with drama, both one-act plays and short screenplays, the deadline is the last Sunday of August to appear in Rushing Thru the Dark.

Poetry that you would like considered for the annual Derick Burleson Poetry Award must be accompanied by the $15 contest fee and be received no later than the last Sunday in August. Only the first place winner receives $100. Use the Paypal payment portal at the bottom of the page to pay the contest fee.

As with winners of the other creative categories, poetry winners, including runners up, will be republished in the Best of Choeofpleirn Press issue in December. We will copyright each journal, and creators of each piece we choose to publish will receive a free pdf file of that published journal. Winners of the creative contests also receive a copy of the Best of issue.

For poetry, we are looking for poems that display the writer's natural voice and that are as well written as prose. We like poems that contain strong imagery and that often play with metaphor although we are not limited to these things because even poems containing a narrative will work for us. Poems in either an organic form or a traditional form are acceptable.

Save your manuscript file with your surname and the words "poetry submission" in the title. Send only three poems (saved in one file) in one submission, and limit each poem to fifty lines or less. Send us your poetry manuscript(s) as one file as an attachment in doc, docx, rtf, or pdf at ChoeofpleirnPress@gmail.com. Anyone who writes work in Pages should have their work converted to doc, docx, rtf, or pdf. Include a short (100 words or less) biography, written in third person (i.e. Jane Doe writes...), for yourself with your submission, including author webpages or blogs, publication history and educational successes, or any other relevant information that you feel you should share with us about yourself. This biography will be published in the same journal that your work appears in, if your work is accepted for publication, so it is another great way for your readers to follow your successes.

Each submission must be written in English with non-English words italicized. We do not print works written in other languages, and we do not accept translations of works by other writers. Please do not use ALL CAPS anywhere other than for abbreviations. We do not accept translations of other writers' works.

We prefer that you do not send us works that are being considered for publication elsewhere, but, should your work be published somewhere else first, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can withdraw your work from our publication process.

Choeofpleirn Press editors are highly opinionated English majors who understand the subjective and competitive nature of publication, but we promise to do our best to read every work as objectively as possible, and will never base our judgment on nationality, race, religion, or gender.

Use the Paypal payment box below (you can use your credit card, if you prefer by using the black debit/credit button) to submit your payments for the creative contest you would like to enter. Select which creative contest in which you would like to enter your manuscript.

Thank you for seeking a home for your creative work with Choeofpleirn Press!

If you would like to further assist our publication efforts, but would rather do so anonymously, please donate what you can.