Choeofpleirn Press produces one annual literary journal dedicated to nonfiction, both creative and scholarly, the Glacial Hills Review.

The annual deadline for works to appear in the GHR is the last Sunday of May.

For creative nonfiction, we want to see creative personal stories that reflect your own personal experiences in such a way that they provoke understanding in discerning readers. To that end, images much be specific, so that readers can feel that they saw, felt, heard, witnessed what you saw, heard, felt, and witnessed. We also accept scholarly essays--from standard forms of literary analysis or persuasive argument to annotated bibliography essays that isolate a particular focused angle of research. No matter which type of essay you choose to submit, limit your work count to less than 15,000 words. 

Writers should:

Each submission must be written in English with non-English words italicized. We do not print works written in other languages, and we do not accept translations of works by other writers. Please do not use ALL CAPS anywhere other than for abbreviations. We also do not publish written works created with AI programming, which the U.S. Copyright Office has deemed non-copyrightable. Images transformed with digital programming are still acceptable, however.

Writers who submit work for publication in Glacial Hills Review and who wish to enter their nonfiction stories in the Phil Heldrich Nonfiction Contest must pay the $20 contest fee below. Only one winner of the contest receives the annual $100 prize, but the top three essays from paying contestants will be republished in the annual Best of Choeofpleirn Press issue.

Submission of your work to Choeofpleirn Press means you are allowing us to print and copyright your work for the magazine issue in which your work appears. Realize, though, that writers retain their ownership of their works, but, if a work we publish is republished elsewhere, we ask that you acknowledge our literary journal as your work's first publication. 

We will copyright each journal, but creators of each piece we choose to publish will receive a free pdf file (an ebook) of that published journal. We ask that every winner of each contest allow us publication rights to the winning work for both the original journal it appears in and for the Best of Choeofpleirn Press  issue, published in December of each year. 

We prefer that you do not send us works that are being considered for publication elsewhere, but, should your work be published somewhere else first, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can withdraw your work from our publication process. 

If you choose to submit materials for more than one creative category (i.e. poetry and fiction), please send separate emails for each genre of submission.

Choeofpleirn Press editors are former English professors who understand the subjective and competitive nature of publication, but we promise to do our best to read every work as objectively as possible, and will never base our judgment on nationality, race, religion, or gender. 

We look forward to publishing outstanding work written by outstanding writers and scholars from around the world.

Use the Paypal payment box below (you can use your credit card, if you prefer by using the black debit/credit button) to submit your payments for the creative contest you would like to enter. Select which creative contest in which you would like to enter your manuscript. 

Award Nominations--


Louise Kantro's "The Afghan Throw," published in Glacial Hills Review, Summer 2023, nominated for the Pushcart Prize.


Jeffrey Feingold's "Here's Looking at You, Syd," published in Glacial Hills Review 2022, has been nominated for the Pushcart.


David P. Anderson's "The Cat's Pajamas," published in Glacial Hills Review 2021, has been nominated for the Pushcart.

Lauren Skaggs' "I Don't Play the Viola Anymore," published in Glacial Hills Review 2021, has been nominated for the Pushcart.