Welcome to Choeofpleirn Press!

Our name is pronounced chuf-plern and roughly means "the chief place of rest," but it is a word we coined by alternating the letters of our surnames.

We are a literary press located in northeastern Kansas at the foot of the Glacial Hills.

We accept poetry, short fiction, creative and scholarly nonfiction essays, one-act plays, short screenplays, and images of artworks all year round. We do not seek works that fit specific themes. Overall, our main goal is to showcase great literature and art, something the word "anthology" was originally coined for because its base meaning is a "gathering of flowers."

Every person whose work is accepted for publication receives a pdf version of the journal in which her/his/xis work appears. We will also work with Amazon to create print-on-demand versions creators can purchase to give to friends and family.

Currently, we do not charge a submission fee, unless the writer wants to participate in any of the creative contests, for which there is a modest contest fee. Please adhere to the following limits, even if you choose not to compete in the contests:

§ Identify your name at the top right hand corner of each written submission;

§ Include a biography of less than 100 words written in third person (i.e. Jack Russell writes...).

§ Submit no more than three poems (less than 50 lines each) at a time, all saved in one file: submission for publication is Free; contest submission is $15;

§ Submit no more than one short story (between 3000 and 10,000 words) with each email: submission for publication is Free; contest submission is $20;

§ Save each submission file with at least your surname and a brief title of the work, even if it is an artwork;

§ When submitting art, please give each piece a title and describe either the circumstances in which you made the piece or the circumstances involved in the image, so we can be clear about what we are seeing.

Remember, if you choose to enter our creative contests, you must pay the appropriate contest fees as indicated on the specific genre's webpage through the payment portal at the bottom of that page.

If you have questions about submitting to our journals, please email us at ChoeofpleirnPress@gmail.com.

Annual Submission Deadlines

Coneflower Cafe: Fiction, last Sunday of February

Glacial Hills Review: Nonfiction, last Sunday of May

Rushing Thru the Dark: Drama, last Sunday of August

Art and Poetry are accepted all year long, but to appear in the current year: last Sunday of August