Choeofpleirn Press

Welcome to Choeofpleirn Press!

Our name is pronounced chuf-plern and roughly means "the chief place of rest," but it is a word we coined using our surnames.

We are a literary press located in northeastern Kansas at the foot of the Glacial Hills. Although we will eventually publish novels and poetry chapbooks, we are concentrating in 2021 on publishing four journals per year.

Coneflower Cafe, our first journal, which focuses on poetry, art, and short fiction, is published during the first quarter of each year. Starting October 1, 2020, we will begin taking submissions for the Coneflower Cafe, which will be published in March of 2021, so we have a firm deadline of February 28th for all fiction submissions for our annual Fiction Award. Realize that we will accept fiction submissions all year, but only publish the one journal per year that features short fiction, and will only consider fiction for our contest that is submitted prior to the last Sunday of February deadline for each year and for which the reading fee has been paid. The deadline for poetry submissions is February 28 for those poets seeking to be published in the Coneflower Cafe. For those poets who seek to be published in either Glacial Hills Review or Rushing Thru the Dark, follow the deadlines included below.

The second journal is The Glacial Hills Review, which focuses on nonfiction, both creative and scholarly, and will include some poetry and art. This journal will be published in June 2021 with a deadline of May 30, 2021 for all nonfiction submissions that want consideration in our annual Nonfiction Contest. Realize that we will accept nonfiction all year round, but submissions that arrive after our last Sunday of May deadline each year can only be considered for publication and/or the writing contest for nonfiction for the following year.

The third journal is Rushing Thru the Dark, featuring one-act plays and short screenplays, and including some poetry and art, which will be published in September 2021 with a firm August 29th deadline for all drama submissions that want consideration for our 2021 Drama Award contest. Realize that we accept drama submissions all year round, but any submissions for contests that do not reach us by the annual last Sunday of August deadline will automatically be considered for the award (if the reading fee is paid) and publication for the following year.

The fourth journal will be Choeofpleirn Press Best of 2021, published at the end of December 2021, and will feature the first, second, and third prize winners of each contest category: poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, drama, and art.

Remember, if you choose to enter our creative contests, you must pay the reading or viewing fees as indicated on the Submissions Guidelines page through the payment portal at the bottom of that page.

If you have questions about submitting to our journals, please email us at

Annual Submission Deadlines

Fiction: last Sunday of February

Nonfiction: last Sunday of May

Drama: last Sunday of August

Art and Poetry: last Sunday of August